Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of opening a New Orleans Pizza?

The cost of opening a New Orleans Pizza location can vary depending on the type of location and the size. Typically it can range from $217,500.00 to $265,000.00 (this excludes security deposits, working capital and taxes.) Naturally, a large portion of the cost may be financed, though we recommend a minimum cash investment of at least 40%. Please review the franchise fee overview on the Franchise Program page, or contact our national office.

Will New Orleans Pizza select the location and build the restaurant for me?

New Orleans Pizza is actively seeking prime locations. In certain instances, you may choose to open a restaurant in a location of your choice, however this location must be evaluated and approved by New Orleans Pizza. We look for space ranging from 600 Sq Ft to 1200 Sq Ft. Construction of the restaurant will also be conducted by New Orleans Pizza management.

I have little experience negotiating leases; will New Orleans Pizza offer assistance in this area?

Yes. New Orleans Pizza will fully negotiate or aid in lease negotiations for franchisees.

What hours will the store be open?

In a typical location, the restaurant would be open on average from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m., 7 days weekly for a total of approximately 105 hours per week. The hours of operation may change in site-specific circumstances.

Is the Franchisee required to buy supplies or ingredients directly from New Orleans Pizza?

Quality specifications and approved sources of equipment, inventory, and supplies are provided to each franchisee. The franchisee purchases specified supplies through these approved suppliers.

Must a Franchisee have a prior experience in food retailing?

No. Though fast food experience is helpful, New Orleans Pizza will provide comprehensive training and operational guidance. The interest and effort of the franchisee is more important than hospitality or retailing experience.

Can a New Orleans Pizza Franchisee own more than one New Orleans Pizza Franchise?

Yes. A franchisee who has demonstrated success in organizing and operating a profitable New Orleans Pizza restaurant may be eligible for new franchise opportunities.

What training and store opening assistance are provided to Franchisees?

New Orleans Pizza will provide an extensive training program covering all aspects of store operations including food preparation, operating policies, equipment maintenance, selling and merchandising, management and financial control, etc. This program is three weeks in duration and is held at one of our designated training stores.

What level of income can a franchisee expect to earn?

There are many factors involved in determining the level of revenues and expenses of an individual restaurant. The franchisees’ skills, location, overhead costs, etc., will affect the outlets profitability. Accordingly, New Orleans Pizza cannot guarantee that any restaurant will achieve certain level of sales, profit or cash flow. However, New Orleans Pizza stands behind its franchisees, providing a robust program to maximize your restaurant’s sales and revenue potential. 

Still have questions? Please contact us to discuss your franchise opportunity.