School Programs

School program

Why New Orleans Pizza for lunch?

For over 25 years New Orleans Pizza has been providing healthy, nutritious lunches to children across Ontario. We understand the need for quality, service, customization and price as important parts of your fundraising goals. We deliver…. what you need, when you need it.

What costs are involved?

Call your nearest New Orleans Pizza location for prices. The manager will work with you to develop a program that’s cost efficient for you. There are no charges for delivery, napkins or box pick-up. The cost of your pizzas will not change during the school year and you do not have to pre-pay your orders.

What size are your pizzas? How many slices?

Our large pizzas are 14 inches in diameter and are cut into 8 or 10 slices.

What incentives does New Orleans Pizza offer?

Talk to your local manager about the variety of incentives we offer such gift certificates and pizza parties.

How can New Orleans Pizza help make Pizza Days easier for my school?

We can customize your order and delivery time, provide box pick-up, divide orders into class groupings and more! Most of all, you can trust us to get your order correct and on time.

What other products are offered?

We can also provide panzerotti, subs and special “kid friendly” school-sized salads. We are proud to offer a variety of highly nutritious, cost effective solutions for lunch times.

Special Events

Holding a Special Event? Fun Fair? Ball Tournament?

New Orleans Pizza has proudly supported school and community group events across Ontario for over two decades.
We work individually with each group to devise a plan to provide good hot food while raising funds for your event. We’ve proudly partnered with schools, tournament organizers, special fundraisers, charities and others. We realize that good times and good eating make your event a success and we work hard to be a part of your success. 

NOP VS Other Catering Companies

School and school board representatives are instructed to meet as required with their caterer(s) to ensure compliance with the Ministry of Education School Food and Beverage Policy. 

Collaboration with New Orleans Pizza will facilitate positive changes in order to comply with the policy.

The following sample checklist includes questions and considerations when selecting a food service provider.

Does your menu comply with the nutrition standards as set out in the School Food and Beverage Policy

Has your menu been reviewed by a Registered Dietician?

Will your menu identify food and beverages that are Sell Most and Sell Less?

Will you provide training for your staff to ensure that they understand the nutrition standards and how to apply them to the food and beverages catered to the school?

When feasible and in season, do you sell food that has been grown and/or produced in Ontario?
 YES ✔ 

Do you use environmentally friendly practices (e.g., reduce food waste, reuse containers, and recycle food scraps)?
YES ✔ 

Will you sign a letter to guarantee compliance with the School Food and Beverage Policy?

How to Order

To place an order in-store, please visit your local New Orleans Pizza. Alternatively, you can also call us at 1-844-667-2075.